Bringing your programmatic media operations in house will help you gain control and transparency on your ad spend, and audience data. We’ve helped many organizations like yours to gain full control of their trading desk.

According to a IAB UK study, 86% of brands programmatically active in Europe, have either fully or partially moved programmatic buying functions in-house.

A fully autonomous in-house programmatic capability is one where the ad-serving tech stack is owned and/or operated by the brand and integrated with media strategy, ad operations, optimization and stewardship – all internal functions. Full-bore in-house operations are atypical, given the commitment of time, resources and expertise required for most companies: the process to onboard your team and vendors can be time consuming and expensive if not properly managed. In another survey, the IAB on the Unites States, found that nearly one out of five (18%) brands involved in programmatic buying had completely moved the programmatic buying functions in-house, however the most popular option was to develop partial in-house capability: 47% of those surveyed had moved select programmatic functions in-house.

That’s where we come into play: providing you with expert advice, campaign trafficking, optimization and consolidated reporting fast and accurately, finding the right balance between in-house and outsourced tasks so you can take advantage of programmatic media buying in record time, with transparency, efficiency and conflict of interest free.

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