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Why Outsource All or Part of Your Programmatic Media Practice?

IAB Programmatic Ad Spending

According to a recent IAB report, programmatic buying is the pre-dominant digital ad placement process, accounting for more than 80% of digital ad spending (including display mobile, social and search). Marketers’ perceived risk of developing in-house capabilities may be mitigated as programmatic is likely to be entrenched as the digital advertising process of choice for years to come.

We’re here ready to guide you through the process of bringing programmatic media capabilities in-house so you can take full advantage of this methodology, regardless if you are a Brand, Agency or Publisher.

The Five Key Benefits of Programmatic

There are many benefits of in-housing your programmatic media practice, from improved performance to ensuring compliance with company policies and ownership of data. The following are the primary motivations that organizations have in order to rely more on an internal or directly outsourced team rather than managed services from media vendors, based on expert interviews and an IAB research study released in 2019:

Current Programmatic Buying Adoption

Improved ad performance/ROI: from a campaign advertising performance perspective.
Cost efficiency and transparency: company operations streamlining and a closer view on where ads are being placed.
Better control and management of data and targeting: leveraging the internal DMP for enhanced lower-and upper-funnel targeting.
Enhanced real-time optimization capability: control for executing increasingly complex campaign testing and ongoing campaign performance.
Full accountability and focus on brand goals: concentration on brand goals and revenue versus third-party partner focus on making margin.

Challenges to Programmatic In-Housing

Once the on-boarding process is completed, it is clear that in-housing your programmatic. will offer a considerable potential upside by improving ad performance, ROI and cost savings. However the road to in-housing will surely take time, resources and might cause organizational disruption.

Following are the critical challenges that were uncovered on the report released by the IAB, through multiple the conversations with industry leaders:
• Organizational buy-in : First, there must be management support and directive substantiated by an initial feasibility plan to justify in-housing time and resource requirements. Next, everyone in the organization must come together to achieve plan execution. But there is bound to be some change resistance that’s consistent with human nature as staff members depart from their routine comfort zones.
• Time commitment: Ideally, standing up an in-house programmatic capability is a well thought out, deliberate process that requires about one year to achieve, based on industry leader feedback.
• Contract Coordination: Executing programmatic ad placement involves a brand coordinating the process across a potential string of multiple media agencies and DSPs.
• Talent Recruitment: Depending on the depth of internal capability requirements, programmatic media specialists must be hired to provide overall strategy and trafficking of ads, two internal positions mentioned as base-level requirements. Recruiting this talent can be costly and challenging.

Our Values

Campaign Implementation

We can set up campaigns in multiple platforms with our certified ad operations professionals.


All of our team members are certified on each platform we use, which guarantees they will timely and properly deploy your campaigns following our strict implementation processes. Having deployed thousands campaigns per month, they are familiar not only with vendor specific best practices, but also count on the understanding of an intensive hands on experience.

Quality Assurance

We follow a strict quality assurance process before activating any campaign, performing a double check by a different team member than the one setting up the campaign.


This process consists on an extensive checklist with specific checkpoints for each environment and type of campaign. We verify each of the settings, including pricing, targeting, dates, optimization goals, placements, creatives, pixels and any other component involved in the correct execution of a campaign. We document every quality assurance check in order to measure the performance of our team and identify common issues in order to improve the campaign implementation process as well as the QA process itself.

Performance Monitoring & Optimization

We can monitor thousands of campaign on a 24/7 thanks to our proprietary dashboards and reports consolidate data across all platforms and trigger alerts as well actions based on campaign KPIs and actual delivery.


We define clear optimization frameworks with our clients specifying which actions our team is allow to take in order to optimize campaigns and which actions require of our clients approval, to ensure you are always in control and comfortable with the decisions we make in order to achieve your goals.

Inventory Management

We understand publisher’s concern when it comes to managing their online inventory and the impact that it has on their bottom line.


Campaign prioritization and management of remnant inventory is key to be able to maximize your CPM.


Consolidating information from multiple platforms can be challenging if not done properly.


We have the technology to create cross platform reports that present the correct information, following a data governance process that ensure that the information is shown in the same timezone, currency, metrics to ensure consistency and accuracy of the reports.

Consulting Services

We can guide you and your organization through every step of the process, helping you build a clear roadmap, assist you in the vendor selection process, structuring your team as well as outsourcing specific tasks to ensure your team focuses on the most strategical aspect of your operation.



Bringing your programmatic media operations in house will help you gain control and transparency on your ad spend, and audience data



The complexity of the current programmatic ecosystem requires of more specialized trafficking teams that traditional online media, impacting the



The advent of programmatic advertising completely challenged the digital media landscape, particularly for Publisher’s, who rely primarily on advertising revenues to

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