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We empower Marketers, Agencies & Publishers to overhaul their ad-tech stack.

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In a context of extreme complexity, we help organizations to simplify their programmatic marketing ecosystem while improving efficiencies and increasing profitability.

We will streamline your ad operation processes and optimize digital marketing investment, with a dedicated team seamlessly integrated with your corporate culture, ensuring complete transparency and free of conflicts of interest.



Bringing your programmatic media operations in house will help you gain control and transparency on your ad spend, and audience data



The complexity of the current programmatic ecosystem requires of more specialized trafficking teams that traditional online media, impacting the



The advent of programmatic advertising completely challenged the digital media landscape, particularly for Publisher’s, who rely primarily on advertising revenues to

Our Expertise

Our team is trained and certified in all the platforms we use. We adapt to your
technology stack and processes, seamlessly and rapidly.

SearchAds 360

Google Search Ads 360

Smarter search campaigns. Get the most from your search campaign management, responding to an ever-changing market in real time and at scale. Our team members are certified on SearchAds 360.

Campaign Manager

Google Campaign Manager

Formerly known as DoubleClick for Advertisers, is one of the leading ad serving platforms. Our AdOps Specialists are trained and have passed the Campaign Manager Certification Exam.

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is an ad management platform for large publishers who have significant direct sales. We managed billions of impressions annually for leading media properties.

Twitter Ads

Connect with what’s happening. Reach valuable audiences and conversations on Twitter with our team trained on the Twitter Flight School.

Google Display & Video 360

Goggle’s DV360 delivers faster insights, improved collaboration, and better results. Our AdOps Specialists are certified on this platform, recommended for Programmatic Media Managers.

Facebook Ads

One of the most efficient ways to advertise online. Our Ad Operations Specialist are Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional.

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Why Communitana?


We will guide you into understanding your current ad-tech stack, reducing intermediaries in order to drive transparency and maximize efficiency and profitability.

We will help you understand the role that each component plays in your existing adtech stack and identify the value they create, working together to create efficiencies by helping you get the most out of each component or eliminating otherwise redundant components to help you drive costs down.

We will always encourage you to establish a direct relationship with vendors, we do not profit from intermediation. Our revenues are exclusively related to the value we provide our clients in order to ensure our recommendations free of any type of conflicts of interest.


We will adapt our processes and platforms, with a dedicated team seamlessly aligned with your corporate culture and objectives.

We understand that each organization is unique, with its own culture, values and infrastructure. We will adapt to your environment and integrate at multiple layers depending on the level of advancement of your own marketing organization in the programmatic media practice.




We will align our team to match as close as possible your human resources structure, to allow for a more natural and familiar workflow from the day one, evolving together as needed as the business context changes.


We will continuously improve our processes, capitalizing on experiences, in order to overhaul you digital marketing capabilities.

We are not afraid of change: we embrace it. 


We believe in continuously improving and learning from our experiences across all the verticals and clients we work with. 


We are committed to share our learnings with your organization proactively and periodically, along with recommendations of improvement opportunities and clear action plans.

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